2013 Alpha Dental Implant Center
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Cost: $0 Included in the price of an implant.
When sold separately $250.00 to $350
Time needed 1 Hr. LOCAL ANESTHETIC
4-6 months after Implantation, have the abutments placed.
1. The healing abutment is removed. At times a small piece of gum tissue will need to be removed in order to remove the healing screw and place abutment.

2. Place the abutment and insert the screw and torque it into place. Teflon and filling material will then fill the whole to prevent contamination and bacterial growth, and cement from entering.

3. Then an impression is then taken for the crown or bridge. this is then sent to the dental lab so the reconstruction can be fabricated. At that times a temporary may be placed over the abutment till the reconstruction is made.

4. Normally by the next day, the crown or bridge should be made. We will fit and do any adjustments that need to be made. Then it will be sent back to the lab for anatomy and glazing.

5. Once it returns from the lab it can be cemented over the abutment.

6. Clean up access cement and check articulation one last time.

7. Finished. If at all possible come back the following day to check articulation. How teeth meet together.
Dr. Edgar Guerrer Loaeza
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