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Dr. Edgar Guerrer Loeza
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Cost $40.00 Wisdom $80 - 180.00 Time needed 1 hr.
An extractions normally is the last thing we want to do. Dentist dedicate their lives learning how to conserve teeth. But in some cases it is the only option left for them to do. Place implant, bone graft,or both . Think about replacing the tooth as soon as possible, or maintain the space with a partial.
1. Loss of bone support. This occurs most times because of the formation of tarter in and around the gums, which can cause periodontal problems. Problems with the gums and bone that support the tooth.

2. Erupted tooth. This is when the tooth that is normally up against another tooth is extracted and then is not replaced. Ligaments around the he tooth will force the tooth out of the bone looking for the tooth that it should hit up against.

3. Fractured teeth. Teeth that are broken at or below the gum line, are also teeth at may need to be removed. Old root canal teeth can become fragile at times and break along the gun line.

4. Chronic Infections which have advanced to the point that it has deteriorate bone supporting the tooth..

5. Impacted Teeth. Teeth that are in or under bone.

6. WISDOM TEETH Third Molar These are the only teeth that dentists will normally recommend extracting are wisdom teeth. In most cases wisdom teeth can cause problems in the alignment of your teeth. But more importantly can cause problems to the secondary molar that is in front of the wisdom tooth. This tooth is an important tooth to conserve. It is a tooth that can be used to support a bridge. We can normally bridge up to the last tooth from the back.
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