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Fillings White Resin
$40 each 20 Min. each
Fillings are to restore teeth that have a cavity. We here at Alpha Dental do not use silver amalgam filling anymore.
Some clinics and dentist will still use silver mercury fillings. There is some controversy over the use of this type of fillings because of the use of mercury to make the filling.

1. Anesthetize if needed.
2. Remove cavity completely.
3. Acid etch. this is a blue gel that is used to clean and prepare microscopic retention in the tooth as it cleans the surface.
4. Apply Adhesive. This is a thin layer of the resin to adhere to the tooth and create a surface where the filling material will adhere to.
5. Filling is then placed and cured with a blue light, which excites particles at an atomic level to harden.
6. Lastly check occlusion. Adjust how the teeth match up together.
So in order not to give our patients concern over the use of them we prefer to use resin fillings which we can match the color of to your teeth.
Fillings are a 6 Step process.

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