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Cost: $200.00 24 Hrs or $400 Zirconium Per tooth 2 days.
Per Crown or Pontic (for bridges.) per tooth.

Crowns are covers that go over teeth to restore and protect the tooth. Crowns or caps as some may know them, come in many different materials. In most cases a base is needed to then mounted porcelain over to match the color and form to simulate the anatomy of a tooth. This base in most cases is made of metal. This metal is formulated to be used in the mouth.

All metals have an oxidation factor which contributes to its degree of Bio-comparability. Normally with the proper care can last 15-20 years, before the gums retreat from oxidation from the crown which will cause sulfates to be released from the reconstruction. This causes the bone and gums to recede and make the seal of the crown visible. The crown will pigment the tooth, and a dark shadow will appear around the base or neck of the tooth. This is a sign that the reconstruction has seen it's time and needs to be changed before decay starts to set in and infect the tooth. The side wall of the tooth are very thin and cavity's don't have far to go before they reach the pulp of the tooth.

Zirconium or ceramic crowns is the latest and best material to make crowns and bridges. 100% Bio-compatibility. No Oxidation. This is a diamond material that is milled by a computer for the best fit possible. This material is 100% bio compatibility and metal free. Zirconium is the closest thing to your natural teeth made today.
Crowns and Bridges
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