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Root canals are the best way to save teeth so that the roots can be used to support a tooth or a bridge. Like an implant the roots will be used to hold a post, which is the equivalent to the abutment in an implant. The post serves 2 purposes to restore the tooth surfaces that was lost, and to reinforce the tooth, so that it will support the crown, from the inside of the tooth. Then a crown or bridge can be placed on the tooth.
Infection of the tooth. This is normally caused by a cavity in a tooth which has invaded the pulp of the tooth.

Sensitivity to hot or cold.

The recession of the gums and bone are through periodontal problems.

Trauma to the tooth. In this case, teeth can be severed from the root causing the tooth to change color from the inside because the tooth is no longer live.
Cost $200.00 Time needed 1 HOUR
Reasons for the need for a root Canal.
Root Canals

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