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This is a great way to get a feeling for what motivates your Doctor,
Money, or your best interest. Many Dentists may have a different opinion as to what should be done depending on your case. We at Alpha Dental would like to offer you the best treatment possible. From there we can talk about other alternatives to fit your time and budget. Other clinics may only offer what they specialize in. But since we are a full-service dental center we are not motivated to just recommend you only what other clinics specialize in but to give you the full range of services we offer.
Infections -
Infections need to be treated as soon as possible. In some cases, an antibiotic before treatment may be a good idea. anesthetics don't work well on infected tissue. The dentist should offer you an antibiotic even if nothing is done. This would also include the health of the gums.
Cavity's -
A Cavity in a decayed tooth. This is caused by a bacterium that collects and destroys the calcium of your teeth causing a hole in the surface of the tooth. Depending on the size of the cavity and its location Dr. Edgar may recommend, Just keeping an eye on the area. This is because to remove the cavity we may need to remove more healthy tooth surface.
Spaces between teeth -
Spaces tend to trap food causing problems with gums and the bone that supports the tooth. This would also include missing teeth. Replacing teeth is important to prevent shifting of teeth and the eruption of a tooth that has nothing to hit against. Alignment or occlusion can also be included in this section. How the teeth come together is also important.
Periodontal problems -
Problem with the gums and bone. Tarter is an accumulation of bacteria that form around and under the gums creating pockets of infection. There 4 levels of periodontal disease.

Periodontitis - Red bleeding gums and slight destruction of bone.
Moderate Periodontitis. - Red bleeding gums and moderate destruction of bone. The periodontal pocket of infection.
Severe Periodontitis - Deep periodontal pockets. Red bleeding gums and destruction of bone.
Systemic Infections - This is a problem that occurs from other systems in your body that may have an effect on your mouth.
Things the Dentist well be looking for.
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Gingivitis Swelling of gums
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