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Implants are the best way to replace teeth. The reason is that to place a bridge, two adjacent teeth will need to be used to support the bridge adding extra stress on those teeth, and grinding them down to fit a crown over them. With an implant, both teeth are left alone and only the missing tooth is involved in the treatment.

Implants cannot be bridged to teeth. An implant is a static object meaning it has no mobility in the bone. Teeth have ligaments that support the tooth so they can move ever so slightly. This movement can cause an implant to fail if it is bridged to a natural tooth.
Pre Implantation:
Cost $1,200.00 US Time needed: 1/2 Hr. 4 to 6 Months till Crown is Placed.
COST Includes: Implant, Abutment, and Free Crown.

Uncontrolled Diabetes, Osiopllurosis, Radiation treatments of the head or jaw. Not enough bone. Quality of bone.

Panoramic X-Ray This is needed to see where the implant will be placed. the doctor will see where and the quality of the bone and obstetrical that he might need to avoid in the process of implantation.

A visual exam is needed. The x-ray gives the implantologist a 2 denominational view only. With the visual exam, he is able to determine the width of the bone where the implant will be placed.
°Come in well fed.
°Avoid the use of aspirin or blood thinners.
° If you take them, please Inform YOUR MD as to your intentions so that he can recommend the proper medications to be suspended, and tell you when he would like you to resume taking them again.
°Take medications for blood sugar and blood pressure. If any other medication have been pre-prescribed by us please take them as well.
1. Anesthetize: Implants are placed under local anesthetic. Only the area where the implant is placed is anesthetized.
2. Test to see that the anesthetic is working.
3. Make a pilot hole. place pin to check angle and alignment to the bottom tooth. Take an x-ray to check, placement.
4. After determining that everything is ok. Proceed to make the pilot hole to the width needed.
5. Place implant. Screw implant in place.
6. Place healing abutment. A small screw that will stay at the gum line or below for 4 to 6 months.
7. Place temporary teeth and ensure they will not affect the implant.
Wait 4-6 months after implantation to place abutment and crown.
Implantation Process:
Patient Reaction Post Implantation
Medication, which we will prescribe you, should keep you comfortable. The day after patients will normally report no discomfort from the procedure.

Use Partials sparingly the first 6-8 weeks. Eat soft foods as much as possible.
Maintain good hygiene.
Brush often and well.
As much as possible do not stimulate implants.
Final Instructions:
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Implantation Preparation:
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