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Includes Bone and Collagen Membrane.
Time needed. 1 Hr and a half. Local anesthetic. Cost: $750.00
Sinus Lift
Sinus lifts are done so that an implant can be placed without perforating the sinus cavity.
In order to place implants in the upper premolar and molar area a lift is sometimes is needed so that the implant can be placed. There are a few ways this can be accomplished.

In some cases when the area only needs a small lift a collagen membrane can be placed in the implant site and bone inserted. As the implant is placed the membrane and bone will lift the sinus cavity and done.

When the above procedure cannot be done because there is not enough bone to get retention a Standard Sinus Lift may be needed first.

This is when the dentist will open a small window in the bone and gums, above the implant site, to expose the sinus cavity. After detaching the sinus from the floor of the bone it is then filled with bone and a membrane is placed and closed up.

Wait 6 months and return to place the implant.
After Sinus Lift.
Before Sinus lift.
If under care of MD Notify them of your intent so that Aspirins or blood thinners can be discontinued and resumed when he indicates.
Come in well fed.
Take daily medications and any other pre-prescribed medications you may have been prescribed.
Do not take aspirin or blood thinners before treatment.
1. Avoid causing pressure in the sinus. Cough and sneeze with mouth open to avoid this.
2. Use nasal spray instead of blowing nose.
3. Avoid heat.
4. Sleep with head slightly elevated.
5. Ice area.
6. Avoid Lifting, Straining, and bending over with the head below the heart.
7. Brush teeth as normal but not the area where lift was done.
8. Remove stitches in a week.
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