2013 Alpha Dental Implant Center
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Dr. Edgar Guerrer Loaeza
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Plaza Arutro"s Local 12A Nuevo Progreso, Tamps. MX 88810
Cost $350.00 Per cc Time needed - 10 min per site
Bone grafts are a great way to prevent the collapse of the bone as it heals. It will also aid in healing time .
This is important in some cases so that the gum line will not heal lower making the future tooth look longer than the teeth next to them. Also to ensure that there will be enough bone to place an implant and avoid the need for a sinus lift in the case of the top teeth. and avoid a large nerve in the lower area.

The bone we use is cadaver bone. This bone is made by Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials Inc. Berkley, California from a bone and tissue bank and is specially processed and screened in its production.
Other bone graft materials such as Bovine or synthetic bone all have their own qualitys that the Dr. may want to take advantage of. a mix may also be used

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